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my apartment needs a sublet

Some of my close friends and colleagues know I spend part of my time working from a studio near the UN. Lately, my work has been in Norwalk so I am looking to sublet it and asking if anyone knows someone interested in taking it for a year.

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Still not bored with reinventing noodles Yellow squash made into linguine. Med size. I’m sautéing. Then will add some butter n herbs.

Still not bored with reinventing noodles Yellow squash made into linguine. Med size. I’m sautéing. Then will add some butter n herbs.

Two poets set to read Saturday at Rumors in Danbury

"Cows in the Fog" author just sent me a press release about the Saturday poetry reading I posted. A second author will be reading, as well. What’s more is guests are invited to share some of their poetry!

Here’s the full release:

Time: Saturday June 28th at 5:30


Place: Rumors European Café 22 Mill Plain Rd., Danbury, CT

Featuring Poets

S.T. Haggerty, who will read from his new book

 Cows in the Fog and Other Poems and Stories,


Jeff Edrich, who will read from his new book

 Dream of Broken Feathers

and friends (You can read a poem or two also)

Their heartfelt poems that will take you away to different times and places,

where one can breath fresh air and enjoy mountains and rivers,

along with simple country philosophy, humor, romance, and contemplations.


Please come enjoy and support us!

Cows author set to read in Danbury

June 22, 2014

Area poet/author S. T. Haggerty will read from his new book Cows in the Fog June 28 at 5:30 p.m. at

Rumors European Café, 22 Mill Plain ‘Road (next to Windmill Diner) in Danbury.

Haggerty grew up in Greenwich and his family spent summers in Vermont where the children’s playground was farmlands and wooded areas. So

it is not surprising his childhood surrounded by nature filled with lake swims,

hikes and farm chores influence some of the poetry.

Other themes are spirituality, human observations and humor in such sections as “Quips and Quotes” and one of  the stories, “The Stockton Diet,” in which a regular guy in a house empty of food ventures out at night after the town is closed down and finds food where “few men would dare to eat.”

His father worked in music editing and was retired by thetime Haggerty was born so as a young boy he got to spend time with him, and was around composers and musicians, some well-known growing up.

Calling his father an inspiration, an early memory, the author recalls is “sitting in my father’s office writing stories for school in his creative ambiance as he edited music for Richard Rogers” for the “Sound of Music.”

The author invites readers to walk down country roads and “Breathe the fresh air, feel the warmth of a cow against your cheek at milking, or stand on a wood plank bridge as a roaring brook cheers a valley on a dismal day.”

The book (available July 1 on has something for all


Recently, the author visited some childhood haunts and stopped in at the Robert Frost Stone House Museum in Shaftsbury, and met a Frost expert who told him, like Haggerty, the poet drew inspiration from

gardening and farm chores.

He also visited Manchester where the book is being sold at the Northshire Bookstore, the largest independent bookstore in the U.S.

S.T. Haggerty served as a magazine editor at McGraw-Hill Publications in New York. As a freelance writer, he has published articles in a

number of magazines. He began his journalism career as a college senior,

writing sports articles for the Bennington Banner in Vermont.

He received his Master’s Degree in journalism from the University of South Carolina where he attended on a graduate assistantship scholarship. His concentration was in creative fiction and non-fiction. He placed third in USC’s fiction writing contest. From Southern Vermont College, he earned his B.S. degree in business cmmunications with a minor in English literature.

He is an alumnus of the American Society of Magazine Editors Internship Program, and was chosen as one of three American students by the vice president of McGraw-Hill to be an editorial trainee.

Contact: S. T. Haggerty at

For more information, Like S. T Haggerty on Facebook at S.T.

Haggerty, author or visit

Contact: Donna Christopher           image


My late #great Dad grew up in this building #misshimeveryday #36thstreet #nyc that’s us with #JR on a visit circa 2006

My late #great Dad grew up in this building #misshimeveryday #36thstreet #nyc that’s us with #JR on a visit circa 2006

Cows in the Fog

Author S.T. Haggerty just released his book, “Cows in the Fog,” a proofreading project for me, and book I am promoting enthusiastically.

Cows in the Fog and Other Poems and Stories is a journey into pastoral life. The writer paints pictures of country landscape, weaving in poignant feelings with rural honesty. Many of the poems are romantic, and celebrate the beauty of mountains, valleys, brooks, and trees. The author shares his thoughts as he is confronted by a variety of animals.


Wimped out on NYC ships sighting

I tried but never got to see the military ships over Memorial Day despite a walk to the west side early Sunday morning.

Unfortunately, at 11th Avenue walking to 12th and across to the piers seemed sketchy. There was no one around.

It was around 7 and I had come on 46th from First Avenue. In Midtown I passed loads of tourists making their way to breakfast, and more from Broadway to 10th. But at 11th Avenue no one was around. No tourists, no seamen, no open bodegas. Just me.

Without pause, I aborted the plan, turned the corner and up 47th. A half block away I saw the Crosstown bus coming.’’Phew,’,’ I thought. ‘I’m such a wimp.’

But really?

I’ve had adventure and traveled far. Occasionally alone, but never in desolate places though once I walked down to a beach in Lerici, Italy, and into a small band of perverted teenagers saying stuff to me in Italian but luckily I fled. Wandering empty places is foolish I learned early on.

In New York there were plenty of “good streets” and bad ones too. Gentrification especially west of 5th Avenue had not begun. Hell’s Kitchen, where my grandparents lived, was not safe for outsiders- still true in the 80s.

The city was a mix of strange places and safe havens. It was the same in Brooklyn and Queens where my family lived.

"Don’t walk at night. Avoid Subways alone. Stay off (this block or that block), stay in groups," parents warned kids.

My block had robberies and once a stabbing.

While I couldn’t post the intended stunning images of military ships in the morning light, I’m not a wimp, definately not. Personal safety is important, especially to my kids and people who love me.

And I am a risk taker when it involves trying to spread kindness or humor at cost of rebuffal. My bucket list, in terms of self-fulfillment, has nothing to do with traveling alone to far-off places or strange destinations just to say, ‘I had.’ It’s good to know that about yourself.